Little luxuries. Spent today just reading my favourite magazines and getting inspired. Sooo looking forward to Autumn fashion! My new mid-year diary came in the post too, and I’ve managed to pencil in all those important meetings, events and notes! My dad always said that the shortest pencil is sometimes better than then longest memory, so I’ve always made it a habit to pencil everything down, or else I forget! Random bit of information for you, lol!
*PS* New Video tomorrow, and it’s featuring a special guest! ;)
Two New Posts on the blog today! Visit #ShirleysWardrobe for outfit details.

ithinkroyal asked: Hi Shirley,First of all I love your videos and I am a huge fan of your style blog. I have been thinking of starting one myself. Any advice?

Thank you.

Invest in a good camera. Pick a theme that best suits you and your personality. Give it a memorable name/title and figure out the direction in which you want your blog to go (I suggest planning a few posts ahead of them going up). Take the steps to actually create posts. It’s your creative space, so feel free to share what you like. There will most definitely be people who’d come along to support you (cherish these!) and ofcourse those who’d criticize (open up your mind to receive criticism that comes from a good place, ignore the judgmental ones, you’d be able to tell the difference). In the large scheme of things, it really is about having fun and sharing what you love. Do you, develop a thick skin and keep at it! X

shirleyiriepoetry asked: Hi Shirley, is it possible to email you directly? x

Yes! My email is on my Blog/Channel. X

mookz asked: Hey Shirley could you do a video on how you film/edit along with what camera you use :)

Already have one. You can look it up on my channel. X

arrielmarie asked: This isn't a question I just wanted to say I absolutely love you and your sense of style 😻😊

Thank you honey! X

Wednesday. Filling my diary with lots of exciting events coming up and also looking through some photos to go up on the blog. Still loving Nudes & Whites as far as nail polish goes…
Can you guess what’s coming on my channel later today?? 🎥😉 Make sure you’re subscribed! 💗